Russian Folk Orchestra

Russian Folk Orchestra Russian Folk Orchestra "Strings of Russia" was created in 1968 by Evgenii Ageev, graduate of Nizhny Novgorod Glinka State Conservatory.
In May 2000, by the decision of Yaroslavl Mayor's Office, it was made a municipal professional orchestra.

Many interesting programms have been prepared during the Orchestra's professional activity.
These are the programms dedicated to the music by Georgii Shenderev, to the 100th anniversary of Nikolai Budashkin, the 90th anniversary of Vera Gorodovskaya, the 200th anniversary of Mikhail Glinka, the 70th anniversary of Alfred Shnitke; "Round the World" and "Music of Cinema and Operetta" and many others.

Russian Folk Orchestra The renowned russian folk orchestra has had the honor of performing with the leading musicians of Russia: Alexander Tsygankov (domra) and Valerii Zazhigin (balalaika), People's Artists of Russia; Valentin Zaviryukha (button accordion), Andrei Gorbachev (balalaika), Liubov Muravyova (ringing gusli), Natalia Anchutina (domra), prizewinners of All-Russian and international contests.

The artists of russian folk orchestra have also accompanied great singers of modern times: Zurab Sotkilava, People's Artist of Russia and soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre, Vladimir Matorin and Vasilii Ovsyannikov, People's Artists of Russia, Vladimir Yarovitsin and "Lada" Vocal Trio.

The russian folk orchestra has its soloists, too: Liudmila Khariniuk, Honored Artist of Russia (singer), Anatolii Poddubnyi (xylophone), Alexei Plesovskikh (balalaika).
We have our own composer, Viktor Kotelnikov, who writes music for balalaika, domra and orchestra.

Russian Folk Orchestra The musicians have performed at the festivals of professional Russian folk instruments collectives in the cities of Kaluga, Lipetsk, Bryansk...
A great success was the Orchestra's tour in Sweden (2002), Finland (2003, 2005 and 2007), at the summer concert season opening in France (2006), and in Germany (2009).

Children Singing and Playing with "Strings of Russia" russian folk orchestra festivals are annually held in Yaroslavl.
On the initiative of the collective and Evgeny Ageev, Chief Conductor, Festivals of Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra are held biannually.
The musicians collective is committed to preservation, development and promotion of folk art.